Cremation Creations

Our Cremation Creations program offers the opportunity to commemorate and memorialize the life of your loved one or pet in glass to cherish forever.

Here's how it works:

Our talented glass artists take a small amount of your cremation ashes and permanently suspend them within layers of our optically crystal clear glass, plus the additional colors of your choice. You can ship your ashes and choose your colors or make it yourself with the help of our skilled instructors. If you choose to ship your ashes to us, we will send you a personalized collection kit with a return shipping label. We also engrave the initials and dates on the back of your creations.

The price of each cremation creation is $200 (shipping included). Interested in ordering multiple Cremation Creations? We offer Family Pricing - 1st piece is $200, 2nd piece is $175, and each additional piece is $150. Email or call Hollywood Hot Glass at (954) 732-7231 to inquire about Family Pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I order?

First- place an order for your pieces through this webpage. We will then mail you a personalized collection kit with a return shipping label. Once we receive your collection kit, we will mail your finished pieces back to you in 3-4 weeks.

Do you offer a family discount for multiple pieces?

Yes - the 1st Cremation Creation is $200, the 2nd is $150, and each additional piece is $100. Email us at or call (954) 732-7231 for more information on ordering multiple Cremation Creations.

How much ashes do I need?

We need about 2 Tablespoons of ashes for one or several pieces. Your collection kit includes a marked bag - please fill up the bag to the line to ensure there will be enough to work with.

Will the unused ashes be returned to me?

Yes- the unused ashes will be returned with the finished pieces by mail.

How do I know you are using my loved one or pet's ashes for my piece?

Each collection kit is carefully labeled, and kept separate from any other collection kit throughout the entire process - from receiving the collection kit to mailing back your finished pieces.

Are Cremation Creations for people or pets?

Cremation Creations can memorialize both loved ones or pets.

Will my Cremation Creation look exactly like the examples on the website?

Each Cremation Creation is unique and hand-made to order by one of our talented glass artists. Because the items are handmade, they will look similar but not exactly the same.

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