Cremation Creations

Hollywood Hot Glass | Cremation Creations
Piece shown: extra-large paper weight.

Our Cremation Creations program offers the opportunity to commemorate and memorialize the life of your loved one or pet in glass to cherish forever.

Here's how it works:

Our amazing instructors take a small amount of your cremation ashes and permanently suspend them within layers of our optically crystal clear glass, plus the additional colors of your choice. You can ship your ashes and tell us your colors or make it yourself with the help of our skilled instructors! We also engrave the initials and dates on the back of your creations.

The price of each cremation creation is $200 (shipping included). The sculptures available for this program are the large solid sculptural heart, starfish and extra-large paperweight – see them up close further below.

Cremation Creation Options

Capture your memories in film

Commemorate your Cremation Creation process with Dave McMahan Photography. This talented team will provide a 45-minute photography session while you create your cherished piece of glass, as well as edited images. Make these special memories last a lifetime by documenting your Cremation Creation on film. If you choose to ship your ashes and have your Cremation Creation made by one of our talented artists, you can can still experience the process through a photography session. The cost is $200 for a 45-minute session, including images.