Solidified Fluidity Series by Brenna Baker

Series: Solidified Fluidity
Inspiration/Theme: Cosmic Connections

Life is intricately linked with the flow of the universe. Our individual and personal capabilities, perspectives, and projections allow us to choose what we are, while we are all subconsciously inspired by the possibilities of nature and the universe as a whole. The universe is made up of intangible waves, big and small, we have no control over their power. We can only overcome each wave by riding the decisions we make to push through, dive in, let go, give, heal, take, create, crash, soar, fly, dream, and believe. Whether sink or swim, life is defined by how gracefully we live it with the choices that define us. To me, glass embodies life through the process in which it absorbs and reflects light, telling a story through the beauty of solidified fluidity. Like the universe, glass is a series of waves, pushing and pulling to create something through our cosmic connections.

     ~ Brenna Baker